The Glittery Green is one of our newest designs. Pre order yours now, before you are too late! The mask has the same model as the other glitter models, so the outline will be the green fabric as well. * the pre orders are back in stock very soon, and we will send them out immediately!


Our masks are all one size, through the elastics they fit every face perfectly. On the inside of every Shut Your Mouth mask there is placed an antibacterial/antivirals fabric. This fabric destroys the growth of bacteria and viruses. The fabric has silver nanoparticles in it and they have mainly been studied for their antimicrobial potential against bacteria and viruses. *the mouth masks have a function to protect you more from diseases of viruses but they aren’t medical. You can find more information about the mouth masks (fabrics, how to wear, how to wash) and special requests on the About page.